The Humblebrag is an impact-driven thought leadership agency and editorial platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of change-makers and creative innovators.

Working with some of Europe’s best creative agencies, brands, artists and NGOs, we use the power of ideas, opinions and creativity to challenge the status quo and create positive impact.


Our mission is to support leaders driving social, cultural and environmental progress to position and amplify their voice.

We do this by: 

• Championing the power of thought leadership - sharing the tools and developing tailored strategies for raising your voice to create positive impact

• Being the message; not just the messenger - setting the agenda through our own events and programming

•Practicing what we preach - we invest time, resources and capital into projects and communities that align with our values and drive change


We sit at the intersection of business and brand strategy, strategic communications and community impact.

We work with change-makers and creatives innovators, big and small, to drive impact.

• Companies, brands, agencies and NGOs:
We work with creative agencies and companies, brands, and NGOs to define their purpose and create strategies to amplify this in the world. 

• Business leaders:
We work with business leaders and spokespeople at creative agencies to raise their visibility and voice as recognized thought leaders - driving the conversation and setting the agenda. 

• Impact makers and social entrepreneurs:
We support impact makers and social entrepreneurs on the ground through our training and courses to give them the tools and framework to gain greater recognition in the world. 

• Individuals driving change:
We shine a light on individuals driving change through our editorial platform to inspire and motivate others.  Brand purpose & positioning strategy


Our services include:

Thought leadership strategy & content creation
Speaker placement & programming
PR strategy & execution
Campaign concepts, execution & distribution
Community building & social media management
Workshops, training & courses - see more here

Who we are

The Humblebrag is led by two of Amsterdam’s leading communication and PR strategists, Lucy von Sturmer & Jessica Hartley. 

You could say we combine old school with new school…

Jessica Hartley has been in the creative industries since ‘97, a veteran of Cannes and other advertising festivals, she knows pretty much every journalist, is responsible for some of the biggest creative campaign launches in history, and is highly versed in the political complexities of working with agencies and brands.

Lucy von Sturmer is a social and digital native, a politically engaged advocate for diversity and climate justice, an activist at night and an absolute stick of dynamite in thought leadership.

Together, we work with a team of in-house writers, strategists, PR managers and support staff. As well as a wider team of PR leads in specific regions that we collaborate with for select projects and campaigns.

Who we work with

Leah Forsyth, Managing Director, HarrimanSteel - “The Humblebrag has very quickly become an extension of the Harrimansteel team in Amsterdam and across the business. Working with us in a very human, collaborative and pragmatic way - without the fluff. I'm confident recommending The Humblebrag for both its expertise and energy.” 

Alvin Chan, Founder SUPERLARGE Creative Agency - "We've done these sessions before - and know how much there is to cover - and we were sincerely impressed by how accurate your insights were and how you interpreted us. Not only in a short time, but also how you honed this into a short document for us to take forward."

Fabienne Cezanne, PR Manager, EDGE Technologies - "Lucy and Jess and their team have a pragmatic approach when it comes to creating a long term social media strategy with clear goals. We thank the Humblebrag team for facilitating this day.”

William Thommes, Music Supervisor Pitch & Sync - "The Humblebrag has taken on our current needs, but also extended our look to the future with potential campaigns and projects. We have seen a great response from their work, adding extra value and great storytelling to the P&S brand."

Natalie Fiorenza, Founder, Your Space Amsterdam - "Our brand strategy and thought leadership workshop with The Humblebrag was invaluable in establishing clarity on who we are, the community impact we want to make through our business and tangibly, how we go about actually getting there!"

Femke Storm, CEO, Lab Rooms - “You brought us in an open, safe environment to share our thoughts, fears, and failures… and while we we’re sharing, aligning and bonding it felt like you were doing your magic on our mission, vision, purpose, and story. You kept it light, high-pace, and weren’t afraid to cut the crap and keep it as short as possible.” 

Elsa Scholte, International Manager, Solidaridad Network- "Lucy is an enthusiastic communication professional, eager to take on what needs to be done now, while thinking along on how to improve for the future. She has been able to bring substantial improvements to a wide range of our products: from website articles, to social media posts, to brochure texts."

Igor Beuker, Professional International Speaker, Trendwatcher & Thought Leader - "Once in a while you have this 'click'. You meet sharp people who challenge the status quo. People who add value to your thinking, your storytelling, and your business. Consultancy, research, copy? Lucy improved my output. She goes that extra mile."

For new business enquiries please get in touch with hello@thehumblebrag.co
or call Lucy on +31 63 33 70 03 18

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