Since 2017, we have been representing brand experience agency HarrimanSteel to raise visibility of their work and establish their position as industry thought leaders. Over the course of two years, we have worked to secure meaningful coverage in titles such as AdWeek, The Drum, Marketing Dive, Mobile Marketeer, Adformatie, and Fonk Magazine. We've also collaborated to secure coverage for opinion-editorials on topics such as influencer marketing and the power of creativity.

The ZDHC Foundation

Since 2017, we have partnered with The ZDHC Foundation, an industry initiative to promote sustainable chemistry within the fashion and textile supply chain, to provide thought leadership content and raise visibility of their efforts. We have provided strategic advice on their communication across owned channels, and collaborated on opinion-editorials to secure media coverage in titles such as Sustainable Brands and Eco Textile News

Lab Rooms

In late 2018, we partnered with Lab Rooms to define their brand position and establish their position as reputable thought leaders. We refined their messaging and secured media coverage for their efforts across leading podcasts, print, and online magazine titles such as Amsterdam Startup News, Frank News, Silicon Canals, Fonk MagazineEmpathize It Podcast, and LBB.


In 2018, we partnered with NGO Solidaridad, the ‘founding father’ of Fairtrade, to provide strategic communications support and amplify their position as thought leaders. We provided digital guidance and analysis, trained 30+ international staff on how to write and craft compelling news stories, co-created thought leadership content, and secured meaningful coverage in titles such as Coffee Daily News and Sustainable Brands

Fashion for Good

In 2017, we collaborated with Fashion for Good, a global initiative led by the C&A Foundation, to establish the tone and positioning of their thought leadership efforts across owned channels. We supported the initial launch of their thought leadership efforts and helped to articulate a clear position on topics such as the future of automation and chemical recycling.


We partnered with the makers of the world's first bodyboard meets the snow to make a splash for their launch and secured coverage in more than 10 titles including The Daily Telegraph, Surfer Today, The Snowhunter, SNEWS, Gear Junkie, Planet Ski, Techboard, Gadgetify & Gear for Life.

Beyond Next: Circle Economy

We supported The Circle Economy and Amsterdam Fashion Institute with the launch of their annual 'Beyond Next' event, not only acting as a facilitator in their ‘fast track challenge,’ but also securing media coverage in ‘The Innovators Magazine’ and two in-depth full feature interviews with company thought leaders in Amsterdam Business News.

True Fashion Collective

The True Fashion Collective is a sustainable fashion movement providing fashion consumers with tangible tools to be part of the much needed positive change. It is an initiative led by Charlie + Mary Agency and for a period of two years, Lucy provided strategic communications advice and secured media coverage for the initiative in titles such as The Huffington Post, Fashion Revolution, Sustainable Brands, and Eco Fashion World. As part of Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2018, Lucy moderated an event hosted by True Fashion Collective in collaboration with Conscious Hotels. This event, featured in Fashion Revolution, is still visible via facebook livestream.

What people say....

Leah Forsyth, Managing Director, HarrimanSteel“The Humblebrag has very quickly become an extension of the Harrimansteel team in Amsterdam and across the business. Working with us in a very human, collaborative and pragmatic way - without the fluff. I'm confident recommending The Humblebrag for both its expertise and energy.” 

Natalie Fiorenza, Founder, Your Space Amsterdam - "Our brand strategy and thought leadership workshop with The Humblebrag was invaluable in establishing clarity on who we are, the community impact we want to make through our business and tangibly, how we go about actually getting there!"

Femke Storm, CEO, Lab Rooms - “You brought us in an open, safe environment to share our thoughts, fears, and failures… and while we we’re sharing, aligning and bonding it felt like you were doing your magic on our mission, vision, purpose, and story. You kept it light, high-pace, and weren’t afraid to cut the crap and keep it as short as possible.” 

Elsa Scholte, International Manager, Solidaridad Network- "Lucy is an enthusiastic communication professional, eager to take on what needs to be done now, while thinking along on how to improve for the future. She has been able to bring substantial improvements to a wide range of our products: from website articles, to social media posts, to brochure texts."

Igor Beuker, Professional International Speaker, Trendwatcher & Thought Leader - "Once in a while you have this 'click'. You meet sharp people whochallenge the status quo. People who add value to your thinking,your storytelling, and your business. Consultancy, research,copy? Lucy improved my output. She goes that extra mile."