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Creatives for Climate - International Rebellion Week *Brief*

In September 2019, the first Creatives for Climate Summit gave a clear call to arms to Amsterdam’s marketing and advertising industry to TAKE ACTION. Here is the second for International Rebellion Week.

Background - the first brief

In September 2019, the first Creatives for Climate Summit gave a clear call to arms to Amsterdam’s marketing and advertising industry to TAKE ACTION.

Extinction Rebellion and Creatives for Climates put a call out to the creative industries to use their craft and creativity to help galvanise support for the Climate Strike. The ask from the 1st brief: come up with creative designs and slogans to get people seen, heard and out in the streets at the Dutch Climate Strike.

The industry responded. Within days, over 70 creative executions pertaining to the protest (and beyond) were made available for free download.

The impact was immediate

WeTransfer hosted the Creatives for Climate creative artwork database on their homepage - and close to 8.000 people clicked through to download the posters. And an incredible 300.000 people clicked to find their nearest march.

Ultimately 35K people were on the streets in The Hague, many of whom protested with the artwork made available to download - and also many agencies gave staff time off to march.

The new brief for Creatives for Climate Amsterdam 

Amsterdam’s Creatives for Climate community been called on again and today sees a new brief from Extinction Rebellion Netherlands. 

Monday October 7 is the start of International Rebellion Week. In Amsterdam this takes the form of the Rebel Without Borders rebellion outside of the Rijksmuseum

The protest will be a peaceful, creative, blockade stopping traffic in a busy thoroughfare for as long as possible. Throughout the action, there will be music and theatre performances, speeches and a wide range of activities and an escape room. The blockade is a form of direct civil disobedience to put pressure the government to promote systemic change.

Why is this taking place? 

Civil disobedience is a non-violent form of protest – aimed at causing economic disruption – and was used by Mandela, Ghandi and Martin Luther King to pressure their respective governments to bring about radical change.

At present, we’re currently on a path of catastrophic climate change and mass extinction which will greatly affect the lives of everyone and everything on the planet. Radical change is necessary but our government is not responding fast enough.

In order to force decision-makers to action, from the 7th of October in 600 cities around the world, activists will be taking to the streets. We want to show the power of Creatives for Climate Amsterdam and by contributing to this movement. This is where we need your help.

The brief

Civil disobedience has driven social change in The Netherlands in the past -  the mass cycling protests throughout Amsterdam in the 1970s - led to the culture of cycling we now enjoy and love.

But what about today?

Extinction Rebellion & Creatives for Climate ASK YOU for communication ideas, stunts, PR ideas, creative executions, e.g. poster designs to:

  1. Inform the Netherlands as to WHY the Rebels Without Borders rebellion is happening (It’s an emergency! Emergencies are not convenient...)
  1. Encourage the Netherlands to JOIN the Rebels Without Borders protest (it’s your future too.)
  1. Become visible - the blockade will be seen by tens of thousands, what is the ONE KEY MESSAGE - or VISUAL DESIGN - that annoyed drivers can see within a blink of an eye that will cut through?
  1. We need to reach MASS MEDIA with a truthful message. Is there a stunt, action, big idea or twist to the peaceful protest to make it go viral and hit mass media? We need the journalists, news titles and influencers in the Netherlands - and beyond - to take note and write about this.

PLEASE Get creative with whatever you or your agency can do. The brief is wide - the goal is to amplify awareness of this action - in whatever way you can.

What do we want to communicate?

We want to communicate the power of civil disobedience and the power we have when we organize ourselves. And why, now more than ever, we need to get behind the idea of radical action. Stand up for this message. 

Amplify Content

Take to your social channels to amplify the work you’ve produced and share it as your agency. 

Join the Protest

Invite your staff and community to join the protest

Dates - Rebel Without Borders

Deadline to receive the design:                      Ideally: Monday 7th October.

Event:                                                            7th October - 13th October

Email your assets so we can curate and share to hello@thehumblebrag.co


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