Detoxing the fashion industry with the ZDHC Foundation

Since 2017, we’ve partnered with the ZDHC to make safer chemical management in fashion mainstream - through powerful thought leadership content, events and the first book to trace the history of chemicals in fashion.

How can we shift the fashion industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals? This is the mission of the ZDHC Foundation.

The ZDHC Foundation was created in 2015, spurred on by a campaign led by Greenpeace to catalyze industry action on hazardous chemicals. Today, the ZDHC Foundation is comprised of more than 160 brands, suppliers and supply chain stakeholders who are working to drive safer chemical management in fashion.

Since 2017, we have partnered with ZDHC to amplify the voice and vision of their leadership team and conceptualize creative and impactful ways to engage audiences in their achievements. 

Setting the sustainable fashion agenda

We have worked with ZDHC’s Executive Director, Frank Michel, to raise his voice and become a recognized industry leader, by publishing thinkpieces in titles such as Sustainable Brands and Eco Textile News. 

The ZDHC Gala

We conceptualized and programmed the ZDHC Gala: a night to celebrate all stakeholders working behind the scenes to green the fashion industry. The event featured important keynotes and a range of catwalk fashion shows, a collaboration with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, the ZDHC Awards and an onstage moment to celebrate the team. 

Detoxing the Fashion Industry, For Dummies

To share the ZDHC’s journey to detox the fashion industry, we helped concept Detoxing the Fashion Industry, For Dummies - the first guide for brands and fashion lovers to clean up the chemicals in their clothing. The book demystifies the relationship between chemicals and fashion, and defines a path towards a cleaner textile future.  

We worked with Frank Michel to craft the book’s key messages, structure and content. We are also working with the ZDHC on its launch - to create impact in the industry, among fashion and sustainability lovers and beyond. Crafting press materials, pitching to the media and developing thought leadership content and speaking placements.

We’re excited to continue working with the ZDHC to keep chemicals on the agenda, to drive the conversation and, in the process, spur change.

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