Helping Dopper underline its brand purpose: by bringing the public eye-to-eye with plastic soup

We helped Dopper bring their brand purpose - and the issue behind it - to the forefront with a high-impact launch event, featuring an unavoidable and confronting installation.

Dopper is a producer of reusable bottles – with a mission. As a B-Corporation and a social enterprise, the company is passionate about its brand purpose: the fight against plastic waste, and specifically single-use plastics. But, while Dopper has increasing awareness of their products, awareness about their mission is incredibly limited.

So, to tie in with the latest product launch, the company wanted to go all out to bring their purpose to life in a compelling way. And to make the world aware of how single-use plastics are threatening our oceans and the environment.

The concept? The OCEANIC PLASTICARIUM. A glass cube containing Plastic Soup straight from the Pacific Ocean – placed slap-bang in the main hall of Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum. A striking and spectacular way to bring the public eye-to-eye with the, often hidden, problem of plastic waste in our oceans.

We organized an event to unveil the OCEANIC PLASTICARIUM with speakers including Dopper’s founder Merijn Everaarts, who gave a passionate speech about our collective responsibility with regards to plastic waste, and how we can all make a difference by avoiding single-use plastics. 


  • The live event was attended by over 80 journalists, influencers and environmentalists 
  • It achieved media outreach across multiple markets, spanning six media segments
  • Initiative featured in US giant Fast Company - resulting in a huge spike in traffic to Dopper’s site from the US and substantially enhancing the organization’s visibility and the awareness of their mission
  • Total global coverage of 17.8 million and nearly 37k views
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