Meet the Climate Activist Using Rebellious GIFs on Instagram to Drive Social Change

Tolly Dolly Posh is a 19 year old sustainable fashion blogger and activist, and the brains behind the best climate activist GIFS on instagram.

At The Humblebrag, we feature bold and brave voices driving social, cultural and environmental change. With a total of 4.8 billion views on her environmentally related GIFS, with statements such as “let’s get ethical” and “it got too hot so we overthrew the system”, Tolly Dolly Posh is a brave change-maker giving a voice to millions of others and a young woman fighting for a better world, worthy of the spotlight.

Based in the UK, Tolly started her sustainable fashion blog at age 11 and by age 13, was getting 150-200 hits per day. Her GIFS are a recent addition to her platform, “a side-hustle on top of my side-hustle” she says, and a powerful way to give voice to others, and contribute to wider conversations “in a subtle and fun way.”

Despite her young age, Tolly has amassed an enormous following with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and has become a leading authority on the climate crisis, often quoted by publications such as BBC and The Guardian. 

Tolly is the voice of the next generation, hyper aware of our environmental emergency - and with a major platform to amplify her views. Like many, Tolly is terrified of what is happening on our planet. Her early engagement with sustainability led her to become involved with climate activist group Extinction Rebellion with whom she has participated in a series of demonstrations. 

The most recent was at London Fashion Week, where Extinction Rebellion activists staged a funeral for our future and criticized the fashion industry for being one of the major offenders in the climate crisis.

Tolly explains:

“During the Spring Rebellion in April, when Extinction Rebellion took over the streets of London for 10 days, Instagram was vital in sharing where more support was needed, and when, as well as actually raising awareness as to what we were doing.”

“This is about our future. This is about whether we'll decide to have children or not. This is about life or death. It's an imperative. We have to do this.” Tolly’s “light bulb” moment came a year into her blogging journey in 2013 when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh killed over 1,000 workers.

“This shook me to the core. It opened my eyes to how unethical, exploitative and destructive the fashion industry is.”

Reflecting on her journey as a blogger, Tolly says:

“I've tackled issues from human rights within the fashion industry, second-hand clothing and what ends up in a landfill, the Environmental Audit Committee's Fixing Fashion inquiry and now more broadly, environmental issues and climate justice as a whole. I'm currently focusing on environmental issues and climate justice - because if we don't halt this crisis, we can't spend our time focusing on other issues in life.”

Speaking of the need to get away from her phone and onto the streets, Tolly says:

“It's really important that we balance digital activism with in-real-life activism. This past year I have really started to do that for myself and I've seen technology being used as a tool for actually organising real-life action.”

As Tolly looks ahead to the future she says: “I hope the pain and suffering that is now inevitable, is as painless as possible. I've accepted the direction we're heading in, so now it's about working on how we'll cope with it all.”

Tolly hopes that others will use her GIFs to help spread her message in an accessible way that resonates with young people.

“It is up to the younger generation to fight to preserve our world; we cannot sit around and wait for something positive to happen.”

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