Athlete or mother? Running brand On says you should never have to choose

Swiss running brand On made a powerful statement in their latest campaign - on supporting all athletes, in their careers and as parents. We helped bring their message of family values to the mainstream.

In recent years, sports brands of every stripe have got behind female empowerment. Not all, however, have walked the talk. Accusations of lack of support, decreased payments and sponsorships put on hold have been voiced on social media and reported in the press.

Swiss running brand On, does things a little bit differently. In its latest campaign, the challenger brand brings its family values - and its drive to support all athletes to succeed, both as parents and as sporting professionals - to the fore.

In the emotive film SUPERFRAU, written and creative directed by sports ad legend Andy Fackrell, we see triathlete Nicola Spirig combining being an Olympic athlete with being a mother of three. And winning at both.

On is known and loved among a clan of hardcore runners, but has slightly limited visibility in the mainstream. Especially in relation to the leading sports brands, which are led by their marketing and buoyed by huge media spend.


We helped On gain meaningful coverage of this inspiring campaign and increased brand awareness outside of Switzerland.

  • Features in 26 titles - such as Adweek, Ad Age, Communication Arts and Shot
  • Global reach of nearly 6.3m, with over 65k views
  • Coverage in the US, UK, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Australia and Asia

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