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Thought Leadership & Purposeful Positioning Accelerator Course

Our courses are designed for individuals, entrepreneurs and companies looking to raise their voice and visibility as a recognized and reputable thought leader.

Next course dates:

March 18 and 20. Sign up here.

May 20 and 22. Sign up here.

Whether you’re in a job, you're building a company, or you’re looking for your next mission: thought leadership and personal branding can help you get to achieve your goals.

In this two day course, Lucy von Sturmer, Founder of thought leadership agency The Humblebrag, will take a small group of inspiring individuals through the key elements needed to drive an effective an impactful thought leadership strategy forward.

Day 1 is spent at ZOKU where you'll workshop the key elements needed to drive an effective and impactful thought leadership strategy forward. This will cover your:

  • Positioning and USP
  • Audiences and key messages
  • Unique areas of thought leadership

Day 2 is spent at Impact Hub Amsterdam where you will build on knowledge gained and put this into practice. Then, together we'll hone in on the media landscape and how you can generate widespread impact through PR and content strategy. 


  • Owned and earned channels
  • Content strategy
  • PR
  • Pitching to media and best practices

Walking away, you will leave with a personalized 10-page strategy to take your vision and visibility to the next level.

We will finish the session with celebratory drinks!

Key details:

Limited to six participants only. €495 exc VAT.

Is this right for you?

This course is specifically for founders, entrepreneurs or ambitious individuals on a mission to create positive impact.

Ready to join?

We work to curate a well-matched group. Send us an email at hello@thehumblebrag.co with a little bit about yourself and your current mission - and we'll take it from there!

What does the course look like and what have people said?

“I loved being at a table of impact makers and came away feeling inspired by all the different voices and leaders in the room. Lucy is energetic and quick, and we were able to cover a ton in two days. Most importantly I felt she really listened to each of us to help unearth some major key points in our individual positioning.

For me, it's always important that I can leave a course with tools and actionable next steps. Not only do I feel inspired to do so, I feel fully prepared to start! I'd highly recommend this course to anyone looking to identify their personal voice and wants to start driving the conversation.” - Merida Miller , Founder Project Fearless

“Loved the course! It was great to meet so many inspiring founders and individuals working within such diverse areas. It's great that everyone can learn from each other and it's amazing to see people’s discover a clear way for their vision to come to life.” - Media Campaigns Manager Liam Doyle, Uber 

“I managed to hone in on the key elements that drive a lot of what I do. It helped me make a clearer representation of myself and my goals. This in turn made it easier for me to decide what to focus on regarding communication and exposure and which channels I should be using and how. The fact that it was split across two afternoons really helped me to digest some of the high-level vision and mission work. This allowed me to really squeeze the most out of the rest of the course because I was able to attack it with a clear picture in my mind. Beautiful!” - Tim Polaszek, Environmental Consultant, Wolf’s Company

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About the facilitator

Lucy von Sturmer has more than 10 years experience working as a communications specialist across media, NGOs and advertising.

She regularly “walks the talk” on thought leadership, sharing her views in titles such as The Huffington Post, Sustainable Brands, The Drum and AdWeek. She is also the podcast host for B Building Business and regularly appears on stage at conferences such as The Next Web and OnBrand.

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