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WebSummit 2018 on Brand Purpose: An Opportunity for Some & Threat to Others

Reporting live from The Web Summit, Lucy von Sturmer talks to Podcast Empathize It and speaks about the changing media landscape. She outlines why the growing call for purpose is a huge opportunity for some, and a threat to others.

“There’s not a single conversation we have with brands that isn’t about purpose. Brands are being asked to defend their values like never before” – Gail Heimman, President of Weber Shandwick

We’ve all heard it. Marketeers are today’s new “warriors” ~ in this purpose-hungry world, marketeers have the ability to be genuine change-makers, driving forward conversations around important topics such as sustainability, inclusion, well-being and worker happiness, among others.

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Speaking with the Host of Podcast Empathize It, Lucy von Sturmer shared her hopes and concerns on this changing landscape and outlines why this is a huge opportunity for some and a threat for others.

Reporting live from The Web Summit 2018, she gave insights on what the industry’s best and brightest minds are saying on this topic.

“When your brand purpose is authentic; you don’t need to “spend” as much on marketing. When you’re living your values, everyone that experiences your business will feel that and bring it to life” ~ Michelle Peluso CMO at IBM.

“It’s important to be consistent about what you stand for. If many brands today were people they’d be diagnosed as schizophrenic!” ~ Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer at FCB Global speaking on values and purpose.

The podcast explores themes such as:

How can a company define its purpose? What should consumers, audiences (or better put, people) be wary of in this new landscape? And what does this mean for the changing nature of news, pr and journalism?

Take a listen here.

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