Tailor-made team workshops

For agencies, brands and initiatives

Are you a company, brand or NGO looking for a positioning, pr and thought leadership strategy?

Looking to define your authentic brand purpose, and solidify your position as a reputable thought leader? We help companies to distill and define their brand DNA, unique position in the market, and key areas of thought leadership.

Our workshop will garner key insights, hone your messaging, and translate your ideas into a guiding thought leadership canvas to set you on your way.

Are you a founder of a small impact-driven business looking for support?

Our upcoming course for social entrepreneurs is on November 27th and 29th. Find out more about it here.

Our next course is scheduled for February 21. Email hello@thehumblebrag to register your interest.

Two-day Accelerator Course

For founders or ambitious individuals

Are you a founder of a small impact-driven business looking for support?

This intensive two day course is designed for individuals looking to raise their voice and visibility as a recognised and reputable thought leader.

Whether you’re a founder of a small company, an ambitious entrepreneur, or an individual looking to reposition yourself in the market, developing an effective brand positioning and thought leadership strategy will help you achieve your goal and drive impact. Read more about our accelerator course here.

2020 Course Dates:
Feb 20-21
May 8-9
July 25,27
September 11-12
November 17-19

Email hello@thehumblebrag for more information. Course confirmations can be made via email, or through eventbrite closer to the date. 

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