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We are on a mission to support individuals and business leaders to become recognized thought leaders by taking a stand and raising their voice on the most pressing issues of our time. We work with companies and brands, entrepreneurs and also individuals. Take a look below to find out more 👇🏽

Bespoke Strategy Session for Brands, Agencies and NGOS

Want to take a stand as a brand and raise your voice? Want to build the reputation of your company and its leadership team as world-class thought leaders?

Have a campaign to launch, or story to tell that's worthy of the spotlight?

Or are you looking for ongoing representation to amplify your impact, grow your business, and generate new leads?

Working from a media-driven perspective, we will hone your company or brand's unique story, brand position, key values and news moments, along with the positioning of your leadership team and their areas of expertise, to create a bespoke thought leadership and media impact strategy to take forward - to drive results and impact.

What people have said before:

Leah Forsyth, Managing Director, HarrimanSteel - “The Humblebrag has very quickly become an extension of the Harrimansteel team in Amsterdam and across the business. Working with us in a very human, collaborative and pragmatic way - without the fluff. I'm confident recommending The Humblebrag for both its expertise and energy.”  

Alvin Chan, Founder SUPERLARGE Creative Agency - "We've done these sessions before - and know how much there is to cover - and we were sincerely impressed by how accurate your insights were and how you interpreted us. Not only in a short time, but also how you honed this into a short document for us to take forward."

Fabienne Cezanne, PR Manager, EDGE Technologies - "Lucy and Jess and their team have a pragmatic approach when it comes to creating a long term social media strategy with clear goals. We thank the Humblebrag team for facilitating this day.”

Learn more about the companies and brands who we’ve worked with and what they have to say here. Want to receive a proposal? Reach out to:

4 Week Online Purposeful Positioning & Thought Leadership Accelerator Course  

Online group course for entrepreneurs, founders and ambitious individuals looking to drive an effective thought leadership, positioning and PR strategy forward.

Along with six other inspiring individuals, we will define a strategy to craft your story, create a strong and standout positioning, define topics and themes for you to own as a thought leader, and offer insights, industry knowledge and tips on how to get you - and your story - featured in the press. Over four 90 minute sessions as well as feedback, homework homework as well as best-practices and examples to work on.

You will learn how to:
• Craft your story to create a unique and purposeful positioning
• Define relevant and impactful areas of thought leadership for you to own
• Map an effective outreach strategy (across owned and earned media)
• Amplify your voice, inspire others, and solidify your reputation as a credible industry thought leader.

You will leave with:

• Defined topics and themes for you to own as a thought leader
• A new speaker bio and a draft op-ed to publish across either owned or earned media
• Inspiration and a new network of inspiring change-makers to learn from and connect with
• The confidence, knowledge and insights for you to drive your own strategy forward

This intimate group course is limited to
six participants and is for anyone looking to:
• Redefine their position in the market
• Connect their personal mission with their work
• Attract new opportunities in sustainability, social justice and other impact-driven work
• Gain the confidence to take risks to defend their values
• Craft their story, and gain the (media) recognition they deserve!

Designed for entrepreneurs, founders of small start-ups and ambitious individuals.
Open to all.

Testimonials below 👇🏽

What people have said:

"I really enjoyed the framework The Humblebrag has in place, and we cover many topics. I also enjoyed the group, because all of us are founders and we could all share and give feedback to each other in a very honest and safe place. I really recommend this workshop.” Claudia Angelo, Founder of The Green Labels

Loved the course! It was great to meet so many inspiring founders and individuals working within such diverse areas. It's great that everyone can learn from each other and it's amazing to see people’s discover a clear way for their vision to come to life.” - Media Campaigns Manager Liam Doyle, Uber

“I managed to hone in on the key elements that drive a lot of what I do. It helped me make a clearer representation of myself and my goals. This in turn made it easier for me to decide what to focus on regarding communication and exposure and which channels I should be using and how. The fact that it was split across two afternoons really helped me to digest some of the high-level vision and mission work. This allowed me to really squeeze the most out of the rest of the course because I was able to attack it with a clear picture in my mind. Beautiful!” - Tim Polaszek, Environmental Consultant, Wolf’s Company

Limited to six spots. For more detailed information, and to book your spot, check out our next course dates in:

Starting on April 15th - book your spot here.

Starting on May 20th - book your spot here.

• Starting on June 17th - book your spot here.

Starting on July 1st - book your spot here.

2 Hour Introduction to Crafting Your Story & Amplifying Your Voice

An introduction into the principles and strategy of how to become a recognized thought leader.

Whether you’re looking to grow in a company - or grow your own - crafting your story and amplifying voice has never been more important to position yourself, stand out from the crowd, and generate new leads.

This inspirational session will offer an introduction into the principles and strategy on how to amplify your personal voice and become a recognized thought leader. It is designed for anyone interested in gaining an overview of thought leadership and how to drive an effective strategy forward.

What people have said:

“Thanks for such an insightful workshop! It was a great way to get some perspective for Avy and learn some tricks on how to get our voice heard in the aviation industry” - Manon Taylor, Communications Manager, Avy. 

“Thank you and everybody else who was there, for having the courage to openly share your ideas, struggles, values, perspectives and feedback. Definitely a fun, engaging and valuable session I would recommend for anyone looking for an introduction to finding your voice, understanding why it matters, and how to communicate what it is that you feel you need to say with clarity" - David Hoogland, Brand Strategist, Independent

For more detailed information, and to book your spot, check out our next course dates below. Limited to 8 spots.

April 10 - book your spot here.

• April 21 -
book your spot here.

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